Sheet & Roll Slitting

When you need sheet or sponge rubber slit to produce rubber strips, let Ames Rubber Manufacturing provide the solution.

We stock thousands of feet of sheet rubber in a variety of polymers, in standard and non-standard thicknesses, from .015” up to 2.0” thick, and with a hardness range from 10A to 90A Durometer. The right equipment makes your decision process easier.

Rotary Blade Slitting

Our Rotary Blade Rubber Slitters are designed to cut solid rubber as well as open and closed cell sponge sheeting and sheet plastics up to 2” thick.

Equipped with a high torque motor and designed with a very low knife speed and low gear ratio to keep friction and heat build-up to a minimum during fabrication, Rotary blade slitting is an accurate and efficient way to cut rubber strips.

Strip Die Cutting

We can utilize standard width Steel rule strip dies for lower volume rubber stripping of materials where concavity (hour glassing) is not an issue. Strip die cutting is particularly useful when stripping adhesive backed sheet rubber utilizing tapes and pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs).

Roll Slitting

Roll slitting is a shearing operation that cuts a large roll of material into narrower rolls. At Ames Rubber Manufacturing, we use the lathe slitting or “log roll” slitting process. In log slitting, the roll of material is treated as a whole (the 'log') and one or more slices are taken from it without an unrolling/re-reeling process by indexing a single blade, precisely cut to your desired width. We are able to cut as narrow as 1/2" on most rolls and as wide as you need up to the full width of the roll. Our cuts are generally within a 1/16" tolerance.

Our roll slitting capabilities enable us to cut longer strips on a roll to achieve higher volumes at a lower cost. We are able to cut most standard rubber and vinyl rolls as well as reflective materials.

Solutions by Industry

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Printing and Graphics
  • Packaging
  • Safety Supply
  • Solar
  • Sound Studios
  • Transportation

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